Notes on a Moving Image Study of Smeerenburg Glacier Calving

The following is taken from the exhibition notes for my short moving image sequence Moving Image Study of Smeerenburg Glacier Calving, installed in the The Ildiko Butler Gallery, Fordham University at the Lincoln Center, NYC: February 25–March 3, 2018.   Instead of the sudden apocalypse brought about by Vesuvius, our future fossils layers are piling up slowly […]

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A Foreword (work-in-progress)

NOTE: This entry will- eventually- be made up of a refined version of my 1st year document, A Subjective Manifesto for the Cinematographic Sublime Landscape, by way of a foreword into the sublime landscape in art and photography; the cinematographic sublime; and the differences and similarities of approaches within my practice towards landscape, the sublime landscape and the […]

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