Chapel Porth: Waiting for the Sun (work-in-progress)

NOTE: This is a brief account of being on a family camping holiday in Cornwall. One evening the sunset was so spectacular that I went down to the local beach, Chapel Porth, to capture it- which to an extent I did. But almost as soon as the sun dipped below the horizon I made the mistake of thinking the show was over. I packed up and headed back up the hill, only to discover that the sky in general and the horizon line in particular continued to offer a wonderful set of colours and shapes. I managed to get a few more shots, at an abandoned mine at the top of the hill- but the moral of the story is definitely to have PATIENCE and HOLD YOUR NERVE.

Saturday 29th August, 2015

A two week camping trip with Bec and the girls, staying on a small site on the headland above St. Agnes on the North Cornwall coast. We’re about ten days in, and we’ve already been through a lot.

I’ve introduced them to a lot of haunts from my childhood: day out at the dunes at Perran Sands, North West from here; rainy day at The Plaza in Truro, where I worked as a teenager; last minute dash across the causeway from Marazion to St. Michael’s mount, and later a jaunty return boat-ride late in the day; but most days we’ve taken the short drive down the coast to my long-time favourite place to be in Kernow- a small cove beach facing West by North West.

I played here as a child; body-surfed here as a young teen; it was the first place we drove to as teenagers, to make small fires and pull cones. And now I’m blessed to spend the days wave-jumping with my girls; building dams of rock and sand in the stream that runs the length of the small beach down to the sea; wading out with Dora and helping her build up her confidence on her new pink bodyboard; exploring rock-pools with Peggy and her net.




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